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The review took 49 studies that were made up of randomised controlled trials with RET of more than six weeks in duration and dietary protein supplementation. At least one study group had to be given a protein supplement that was not co-ingested with other potentially hypertrophic agents such as creatine, β-HMB, or testosterone-enhancing compounds. Only trials with humans who were healthy and not energy-restricted were accepted. Data showed that dietary protein supplementation significantly increased changes in strength, where the one-repetition-maximum increased by 2.49 kg. Gains in fat-free mass (FFM) increased by 0.30 kg during periods of prolonged RET. Dietary protein supplementation during RET is more effective at increasing changes in FFM in resistance-trained individuals (0.75 kg) and less effective in older individuals (−0.01 kg). Protein supplementation beyond total protein intakes of 1.62 g/kg/day resulted in no further RET-induced gains in FFM. “Protein supplementation may slightly augment changes in 1RM (~9%), which may be important for those competing in powerlifting or weightlifting,”​ the study said. “It is pragmatic to advocate that if an increase in 1RM is the objective of an RET programme, a sufficient amount of work and practice at or around the 1RM is far more influential than protein supplementation.” ​ In commenting on the effect protein supplementation had on older individuals the study authors pointed to their tendency to be anabolically resistant.

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